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Paul Mitchell pmitchel at
Tue May 26 20:23:17 PDT 1998

Daniel -

Galen here!  I'm cross-posting this to both the Elfsea
and Ansteorra mailing lists.

Timothy A. McDaniel wrote:
> I don't have a paper Armorial / Ordinary with me,
> and the electronic one is down, so I can't get the exact name.
> It was, I think, <something> Brigit Hertewelle, "Vert,
> in pale a stag's head caboshed Or and a well argent".
> Could someone tell her she left her shield at Steppes Warlord
> and it's in the lost-and-found?
> Daniel "now with her registered SCA name written on the back
> in ink, 'cause I *did* have a paper Ordinary there" de Lincolia

This is a 2'x3' rectangular plywood shield, right?  It belongs to
a lady in Elfsea; I'll pass this along and the fellow who'd 
borrowed it and apparantly left it behind will make contact and
pickup.  It belongs to Lady Gwellian Hertewelle, of the Canton
of Dun Loch Ruadh.


- Galen of Bristol
(Simone, could you bring this faux pas to Wiley's attention?)
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