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Wed May 27 05:27:23 PDT 1998

Galen here!

Todd Marsh wrote:
> We, Llywelyn and Zara Zina, Baron and Baroness of Elfsea, 
> having been charged by Their Majesties Ansteorra with both 
> the safe keeping of their Barony of Elfsea and the provision 
> of troops for Ansteorra's defense, do by this our charter 
> establish within the baronial levy an elite company of 
> warriors, to be known as the Arthurian Company.  

I would like to chime in with a little cheerleading for
this idea.  John Adams said, "There are only two kinds of
people of any value in the world:  Those with the commitment,
and those with the courage to require the commitment of

The Arthurian Company is not about getting the best fighters.
It's about getting fighters who are willing to make a commitment
to training together for war, and fight together _at_ war, and
thereby _become_ the best.  Mooneschadowe's Liondragon Guard is
so successful because of their level of commitment to training
and fighting together.

So imagine a poster of Llywelyn, in his coronet and his surcoat
with the baronial arms on it, pointing at you and saying:

          I WANT YOU
            for the

It became obvious at this past war that Elfsea's efforts to
field a melee team have _already_ placed us head and shoulders
above the rest of the region, and much of the kingdom.  The
powers-that-be aren't accustomed to this; we surprised them.
The Arthurian Company is our effort to build on our early
successes, and make something _wonderful_.  If you're a fighter,
make the commitment.  If you're close to a fighter, help your
fighter make the commitment, and support him (or her) in the

I will make this commitment.  Who will join me?

- Galen of Bristol, Viscount, KSCA, Pel.
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