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Wow!  I haven't checked the list since yesterday morning, & I can't believe how many messages there are!

Viscountess Kate:

Thanks for the info on the head scarves.  I'm going to try to get some together by Highland Games.  As for becoming an apprentice or protegee, it really varies more from peer to peer than it does from one Kingdom to another.  The best method is to find a peer who know the things you want to learn, and with whom you personally feel comfortable.  Then ask that person - in person - the same question you put out over the mailing list.  See what answer you get and proceed from there.  Good luck.


What a wonderful story!  As for the blood, here's a tip I got through the "mothers of small children" circuit.  Peroxide does work, but if you're not really careful it will also remove the dye in the fabric.  This sounds a little gross, but I use it with Diane's stuff all  the time & it works like a charm.  Saliva has enzymes to break down blood.  Spit on it.  When Diane was a toddler she stepped on a piece of broken glass & bled all over my couch, & that's how I got it out.  Follow up with a spray cleaner, like 409, to remove other dirts & residue.  Blot with paper towels.  You may have to do this several times to get all of it.  Good luck.


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