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Galen ici!

willow l herbert wrote:
> Many years ago a large group of my friends got very upset because people
> in the know, not new comers, refused to call them by their titles. They
> told me the kingdom had lost its magic for them. I can understand how
> they felt because the same thing is happening to me. I counted the times
> someone yelled "Hey. Willow " across the field this weekend. I was
> addressed by first name without even a m'lady 23 times and none of them
> were new comers. I had my court hat on with the strawberries leaves so
> Thank You for listening to me.
> Willow

My Lady Duchess, 

I'm pretty sure I was guilty of this, and let me first disclaim that
any slight was intended.  That said, let me thank you for your post,
which I know you did not compose lightly or easily.  Certainly for
me, and I'm sure for many others, this familiarity was just 
carelessness, or laziness.

I completely agree with you that many of Ansteorra's problems are
being solved, and that we are generally on the right track.  Times
are good in Ansteorra.

I have always been very rank-conscious; but, as I told a group I
was chatting with Sunday night, I don't feel it proper for me to
remind others of my rank.  In future, I shall try to set a better
example in the use of others' titles and forms of address.
Titles and ranks is one of the fun things in the SCA, and I for
one don't care to lose them.

- Galen of Bristol, Viscount, KSCA, Pel.
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