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Wed May 27 01:16:29 PDT 1998

Axel , Jeanmaire & Diane Remes wrote:
> Wow!  I haven't checked the list since yesterday morning, & I can't
> believe how many messages there are!
> Viscountess Kate:
> Thanks for the info on the head scarves.  I'm going to try to get some
> together by Highland Games.  As for becoming an apprentice or
> protegee, it really varies more from peer to peer than it does from
> one Kingdom to another.  The best method is to find a peer who know
> the things you want to learn, and with whom you personally feel
> comfortable.  Then ask that person - in person - the same question you
> put out over the mailing list.  See what answer you get and proceed
> from there.  Good luck.
> Simone:
> What a wonderful story!  As for the blood, here's a tip I got through
> the "mothers of small children" circuit.  Peroxide does work, but if
> you're not really careful it will also remove the dye in the fabric.
> This sounds a little gross, but I use it with Diane's stuff all  the
> time & it works like a charm.  Saliva has enzymes to break down
> blood.  Spit on it.  When Diane was a toddler she stepped on a piece
> of broken glass & bled all over my couch, & that's how I got it out.
> Follow up with a spray cleaner, like 409, to remove other dirts &
> residue.  Blot with paper towels.  You may have to do this several
> times to get all of it.  Good luck.
> Jeanmaire
I am having a hard time knowing who is a pel or a laural. Knights are
kind of obvioux but if they are pel's or laurals they're not.  I would
appreciate your in put please.  V.Kate
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