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JSHAW3412 wrote:
> Duchess Willow
> In recent times the crowns and the queens and the Knights
> have lost the respect of the people.
> And some of the people have lost respect for some nobles because of their lack
> of respect of the people.  It is a two way street.
> Duchess Willow
> You can see Dukes and Counts helping
> ladies with baskets,
> For the first time at Springfair.  I came with the children.  I had very
> little help in setting up and taking down camp.  In my younger days I never
> had trouble getting help.  (No hubbie with me) I guess this is what happen
> when you add a few years and LB. Sad I would say.
> (thank you for helping Ramoind)
> I am with her Excellency on the idea of courtesy.  It is needed.  I found that
> that is also the first skill to go when you have not played in a long time.  I
> needed to hear more of it to get back in the swing of it.  I told Gwen that
> the hardest thing about coming back was that I couldn't talk properly in the
> SCA anymore and needed to work on it?
> I will if you all will.
> Ly Maili Donnel MacGregor
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Duchess Willow, As if you need my help but I would be glad to gather
together all the peer's and explain that they must show by example if we
are to change the sloppy regard t our peers.  I think it first must come
from the  Peer though.  But a far as you are concerned you were the
epitomy of what I thought a Grace show be at Warlord.  However I do see
what everyone is talking about  Also New Comers need also to know what
each hat is and what each title is.  We had classes like this from where
I came from and it took the hatphobia for the new comers so they could
find thing to enjoy themselves.  I also support being a mentor for new
comers and offer my services in this field.
Thank you your Grace, V. Kate  PS  Duchess Melinda in Aten. Says"HI". 
She was my savior while I was Princess.
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