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Wed May 27 08:17:59 PDT 1998

YEAH, I think the mundanes would love this idea.  And would be a good 
time to practice the pomp and circumstance Her Grace Duchess Willow was 
discussing eariler.  

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>Arabella wrote:
>Court, we didn't have one last year, but=20
>that is a realy neat idea, will be at the discression of Llywelyn 
>Zara Zina.=20
>Yes, we plan to have a court or three.  Since it is not a kingdom =
>calendar event, no kingdom awards will be given.  We will be hearing =
>oaths from those who wish to join the Arthurian Company.  We are also =
>open to suggestions for business that is not usually allowed in 
baronial =
>courts, such as household business, taking =
>If there is someone you would like to see recognized for work they did 
>at Dragonsfire Tor, Spring Faire, Steppes Warlord, or other recent =
>events, please let me know privately.  (Be careful not to post your =
>recommendations to this list.  It's very easy to do by mistake.) =20

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