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     I would be really nice for us relatively new folks to know which 
Laurels excell in what area, so we know who to go ask questions.  
     I pretty much know what Eowyn, Jeanmaire, Reginleif, and some of 
what Stella can teach me, but I do not know particulars of Mistress 
Custance and others who are not so involved, but still would be willing 
to teach. 


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>windell gibson wrote:
>> I am having a hard time knowing who is a pel or a laural. Knights are
>> kind of obvioux but if they are pel's or laurals they're not.  I 
>> appreciate your in put please.  V.Kate
>Are you asking for names?  In the Elfsea area, you're likely
>to meet the following peers (plus probably a few I've left out):
>[KEY:                                   ]
>[KSCA = Knight of the SCA               ]
>[MSCA = Master of Arms of the SCA       ]
>[ML = Master (Mistress) of the Laurel   ]
>[Pel. = Master (Mistress) of the Pelican]
>[LR = Lady (Lord) of the Rose           ]
>(Royal Peers are Duke, Counts, and Viscounts, and the feminine
>counterparts, for those who are still learning this stuff.)
>Duke Jonathan de Laufyson, MSCA, Pel.
>Duchess Willow de Wisp, Pel., ML, LR
>Duke Inman McMoore, KSCA, ML, Pel.
>Duchess Athena Morcan Derwyn Ddoo, ML
>Duchess Larissa, ML, Pel. (coming soon from Atenveldt)
>Viscount Galen of Bristol, KSCA, Pel.
>Viscount Axel of Tavistia, KSCA
>Viscountess Jeanmaire Illaria Beatrice du Domremy, ML
>Viscount Ivan Howard of Hightower
>Viscountess Katherine (Kate)
>Sir Arthur of the Fen, KSCA
>Mistress Custance, ML
>Sir Lance de Curcy, KSCA
>Mistress Stella Sylvana, ML
>Mistress Eowyn ferch Rhys, ML
>Mistress Reginlief Ragnarsdottir, ML
>Again, this list is off the top of my head, and
>there are stealth laurels sneaking around that
>I don't know.  But if you're trying to find out
>who some of these folks are, this should help.
>- Galen
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