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Donald Riney dariusobells at
Wed May 27 11:39:46 PDT 1998

The Local OP is an existing Document. Both I and HL Crandal try to 
maintian Mirror versions. At this time the Op is under going a face lift 
and will have springfaire awards added to it. The Document is~ 16-20 
pages long (could be longer I havn't Printed it latly, and is available 
in MS Access 95, or 97 formats as a file upon request. I will not be 
doing a large scale publication of this documant, as it is rather large 
and would be expensive to produce. if you would like a hard copy please 
let me Know and I will try to figure out where to go from there.
In Service
Darius of the Bells,Ld Nauilus

PS a class on precedence will be taught at the Elfsea Heraldic Academy 
more on that later today!

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