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Wed May 27 11:52:56 PDT 1998

>    Ok one other question - What if a person has multiple titles????
>His Excellancy, Viscount Master Sir Galen of Bristol?????
>Her Excellancy, Viscountess Mistress Jeanmaire Illaria Beatrice du 

In Heraldry 101, they said "Ask the person how they want to be addressed at
this time".  You might use a different address when Master Galen of Bristol
is in a Pelican's circle than when His Excellency Sir Galen is about to
enter the tournament field to fight or accept a new squire.  If you cannot
ask them, then in a very high court, use them all.  If not, determine the
context and address them appropriately.  Informally, use the highest title
or the first acquired of several equal titles (say peerages).  Your
(Majesty, Highness, Grace, Excellency) is always appropriate (if they have
the title).  Most knights will happily answer to Sir <name>.  And, in a
pinch, Lord or Lady.  Just remember, they have earned whatever titles and
awards they have and you honor that considerable effort and contribution to
the society by addressing them correctly.

My two (or three) cents worth based on observation and a bit of heraldry.

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