ES - Lost and Found?

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Wed May 27 06:27:55 PDT 1998

Conor na Mara wrote:
> The last time I saw it, Aradon of falconrose had it at the No shield/spear
> tourney. He'll prolly be at fighter practice tonight.
> Ld. Conor na Mara
> Dun na Locha Ruadh
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> Date: Wednesday, May 27, 1998 11:42 AM
> Subject: ES - Lost and Found?
> Greetings,
>      Well, while I am not thrilled at the prospect that my lord may
> have left it, I am hoping someone may have found my great sword at
> an Elfsea fighter practice a couple (maybe three) weeks ago. It is a
> rattan sword, wrapped in white and red tape, and has a pink Estrella
> sticker on it.  As this sword  was a gift, it is of great importance
> to me. If you have any information, please contact me.
>   Thanks
> ~Afan~
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Does anyone know how to become a falconer?  I am very interested for
myself.  V. Kate
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