ES - heraldic Pesedence was Various

windell gibson draeco at
Wed May 27 06:31:26 PDT 1998

JSHAW3412 wrote:
> A good starting point would be the handout given at the 20th year. Held in
> Elfsea. The historian should have a copy. (Pictures and everything). That will
> take care of most of the groups and past crowns up to that point. Also Dig out
> the banners if they are still in one piece. use then as a focal point at the
> classes.  When teaching using a large visual focal point helps keep the
> students focused better than paper. This holds true for all ages.
> Sorry. Mundane training slipping in.
> Ly Maili Donnel MacGregor.
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I would be willing to teach a new comers class as well as beginners garb
if anyone is interested.  V. Kate
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