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Michael Richardson mike0001 at
Wed May 27 23:29:16 PDT 1998

Sharon Palkowetz wrote:
> I doubt any newcomer means any disrespect by not using a proper title,
> in fact, it may be the opposite. It can be intimidating to use the wrong
> one, so its easier to fall onto the old standby of Lord or Lady,
> especially if a newcomer has made the attempt, and corrected publicily.
> It can be embarrasing and a real confidence crusher. 
> I think a good class in SCA etiquette would help newcomers without
> embarrasing them or making them feel self concious, as well as give
> others a nice refresher.  It might also be nice to give them an idea of
> who is who in the area and how they like to be addressed.
> Vivaine

Excellent points all. Until I read an earlier message I didn't even
know what the form of address for a Viscount or a Count was. Now I have
tried to take my cues from others in the SCA that have been around 
longer than me (which means about everybody :] )   There is a lot of
informality it seems, nothing wrong with that, but it can throw off 
us new folks. If I hear people calling Sir Galen just Galen, then I
think that's what I should call him too. Although I actually do know
to throw the Sir in there, reminds me of the Army so it's easy for me :P
Biggest problem I have is deciding which crown type goes with what 
title. Look alot alike to me, especially without my glasses. A class
would be excellent. As far as how an individual prefers to be 
addressed when they have multiple title options earned (i.e. excellency,
sir, etc..) I think that will just have to come with time and 
getting to know the individual's preference.

Alrekr of Glaslyn
(who just learned the correct way to spell his first name)
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