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Michael Richardson mike0001 at
Wed May 27 23:48:52 PDT 1998

Arabella de Montacute wrote:
>      I would be really nice for us relatively new folks to know which
> Laurels excell in what area, so we know who to go ask questions.
>      I pretty much know what Eowyn, Jeanmaire, Reginleif, and some of
> what Stella can teach me, but I do not know particulars of Mistress
> Custance and others who are not so involved, but still would be willing
> to teach.

Actually I think this is a great idea. I would really like to know 
what resources are there for me to speak with. Now as
far as Mistress Reginleif, don't know what the Laurel was for but it
should have been that meal at Springfair, yum  pass the lamb! :)

Alrekr from Glaslyn and points thereabouts.
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