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Jeanmaire here, again.

I think knowing what each Laurel specializes in is great information to have.  In fact, the Laurels, themselves, finally started doing this, although I haven't seen more than a name, address, phone # & e-mail listing in a few years.  I think they need to re-issue it with all the new people on it.

For myself, I'm a clothing re-creation expert.  (Costumes are for Halloween.  Sorry.)  My speciality is late period, especially Elizabethan.  I am also fascinated by how clothing is cut, and have picked up a great deal about this from many different time periods.  What I find especially interesting is the way that very different looks were achieved by varying the cut of the fabric only slightly.  I'm very into doing research, and whenever possible will back up what I say with where the information came from.  For a long time I did a great deal of dancing, too, although a bad bout of asthma put an end to that.  I also dabble in playing the recorder, brewing beer, and have recently taken up inkle & tablet weaving, although I'm so new at the last item that I feel I'm stumbling in the dark.

Can't think of anything else, though I'm always trying something new.  It's what makes life fun & interesting.

In Service,

P.S.  Arabella -  Maybe you should gather up little snippets like this from all the Laurels & put it in the Scroll?  Just an idea.

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