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> > Sir Auther of the Fen is the founding barron and is called Barron Elfsea
> > Robin Murchada(sp) is founding barroness and is Barroness Elfsea

> Thank you for the info.  I am new so learning the history is very
> important.  Byr, V. Kate

Elfsea, since becoming a Barony, has been ruled by:

Sir Arthur of the Fen
Lady Robin Murchada
(Robin stepped down as Baroness before Arthur, and so
Arthur ruled alone for some time)
(Arthur no longer plays SCA, but we had the pleasure of 
seeing Baroness Robin at the recent Springfaire.)

Duke Seamus of the Cats, KSCA
HL Margery (Maggie) de Bray
(Seamus & Maggie have moved to Oklahoma, but rumor has
it that they'll be at the Scottish Festival.)

Lord Llywelyn Gruffydd of Elfsea
HL Zara Zina Theanos

The first Baron/ess of an SCA barony is called the "Founding Baron/ess",
And is forever entitled to bear the baronial arms in canton with their
own (that is, up in the corner), and in Ansteorra they are referred to
as "Baron <placename>", as in "Sir Arthur, Baron Elfsea".

Virtually all former landed Barons/esses are made Court Barons/esses at
the end of their reign.  Court Barons/esses are addressed as "Baron
as in "Baroness Margery".  (But not all Court Barons/esses are former
landed Barons/esses.  The Crown can grant that title to anyone.)

This is tricky:  _Current_ ruling Barons/esses are referred to as 
Baron/ess _of_ Placename.  So properly, one doesn't say "Baroness
Zara Zina", but rather "Zara Zina, Baroness of Elfsea".  (Although
our current B&B like using a more period alternative, which is why
I'll sometimes address Llywelyn as "Lord Elfsea"; I've also used
this with other Barons/esses, calling Master Edwin "Lord Steppes",
for example.)  The current baron/ess of an SCA barony is entitled
to display the baronial arms (Llywelyn has a shield and a surcoat
with the baronial arms) alone or in canton with their own arms
for the duration of their term.

All Barons/esses may be referred to/addresses as His/Her/Their/Your 

To recap:
3 flavors of Baron/ess:
- Founding Baron/ess:  "Baron <placename>", as in, "HE Robin, Baroness
- Court Baron/ess:  "Baron <name>", as in "HE Baroness Maggie".
- Landed Baron/ess:  "Baron of <placename>, as in "HE Zara Zina,
Baroness of Elfsea".

- It would be correct, but probably confusing, if you referred to Duke
as "Baron Seamus".
- In actual practice, much of this gets thrown out the window, and
people just
call Vicki "Baroness Zara Zina", which isn't correct, but only A/R
heralds like
myself care.
-  Sometimes a person will hold more than one kind of Baronial title. 
Barons/esses are also Court Barons.  The Baron of the Steppes was a
Court Baron
years before they gave him the Steppes.  Thus "Baron Edwin" or "Baroness
are also proper usages.

I hope this is of interest to some.

- Galen
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