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<< This will make it even longer; I remember an old saw (Saying? Joke? No
 definitely not that) Question: What do you call the cook? Answer: Your
 Majesty. Question: What do you call the  autocrat? Answer: Your Excellency
 Question: What do you call the man washing dishes? Answer: Sir Knight. I
 go on, but I will not. There are good people playing this Game, and some who
 get bogged down in trivia just like everyone else. But please, before you
 judge, go stand in a vigil line for  hours after fighting all day in 92
 heat, humidity the same, get bumped by 6 people who have precedence, and see
 if you are willing to move out of line. I do not mean to fuss. Just walk a
 mile in the other person's boots.    Mara >>

I have walked he mile (with out the awards)  I would always get out of the
line to help becouse that is the proper thing to do.   It is also fulfilling
the Dream that most of us serve.
Mara you know me and you know I speak true.
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