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<< 1. A VERY full and COMPLETE outline draft of what you want in the book
 is required-typed! typed! typed! That will take you anywhere from 2 to 8
 weeks-or even longer as folks add in their suggestions.  The phrase to
 them is "good suggestion, type it all up and get it to me in 7 days and
 we shall use it after editiing it with you-otherwise we'll just keep on
 with what we got."
 2. Then you assign "booklets" or sections for the scribes to do.  Now if
 you are doing a full book- that means "leaves"...four pages front and
 back folded-and a section can be several leaves. Your scribes need extra
 paper besides just the leaves they are handed..and a fast class on "how
 to fix that oops you did in the calligraphy and illumination and it
 still looks ever so perfect." AND A TIME LIMIT TO GET IT DONE. 
 2. Scribal Assignments: what calligraphy/illumination style shall your
 book follow? Or do you want a variety of styles?  Books of hours style?
 Or more like formal documents which are basically all text? Remember
 certain styles of calligraphy take up more space than a
 black letter to unciel for example.  Illuminated full page sections for
 division?  Such as A fully illuminated page with the words "Our history"
 on it.  Then the next few pages are the written history with a minimum
 of illumination and rubicated letters?. 
 3. Bookbinding- a whole long hairy project in itself.  And what style of
 book binding are you considering?? You got some seriously experienced
 folks in this barony?  Not talking about "did some folded accordian
 books"...talking serious bookbinding-stitching,glueing, trimming,
 folding of the leaves, spine insertion modifications, press for the
 book, the works. 

North Texas has a bookbinding shop on campus.  (Glaslyn)

Marcus DeClairmont might know he is in the Printing Bussiness.
 4. Extra things that go into a barony book
    a Case...any woodworkers around?
 Wilhelm/ Kieth Charellio He is in Irving.

    b. woven fabic- good for the interior of the case or embrodiered
 cover too....and a pouch wouldn't hurt, or lovely gloves by a costumer
 to hold the book while turning pages (protection ya know grin).
    c. Metal and Jewelry work goes on the binding of the book, the
 case...oh yeah, reminds me, i've seen some good tooling workers in this
 barony..leatherbound book inlaid with jewels would be rather nice
 wouldn't it?

I hope this helps.
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