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windell gibson draeco at
Sat May 30 03:03:44 PDT 1998

Axel , Jeanmaire & Diane Remes wrote:
> Viscountess Kate:
> Axel really liked the head scarf that Hightower was wearing yesterday,
> and he would like me to make him one or two.  As he only informed me
> of the 5 min. ago, I have only a vague recollection of what it was.
> Could you please let me know how it is cut, the approximate
> dimensions, and how it is secured upon the head?
> Thanks,
> Jeanmaire
I recieved your first message, didn't you get the measure ments.  If you
will give me a color he likes may I please make him his first?  It would
be a great honor for me. and then you'll have the real thing.  They are
great for not baking the top of the head and corners for wiping the
sweat out of the eye as well as dirt.  They dirty easily and wash
beautifully.  Wash and Wear what a gift from the powers that be.  your
frined, V. Kate
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