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windell gibson draeco at
Sat May 30 05:06:01 PDT 1998

P. Crandall Polk wrote:
> windell gibson wrote:
> > don&monica wrote:
> > >  scribes and ilumminors on sunday,
> > > at the home of Ld Darius and Ly Rosalia
> > > designs for the invitations for Kingdom Warlord
> > I want to learn Calligraphy.  I know some but I'm not great.  Who do I
> > go to to learn?  thanks, V.Kate
> Mistress Stella is one of the movers and shakers of the scribes and
> illuminators here in the Central region. If she is not attending this
> meeting then several of the other great [slaves] calligraphers that will
> be there will be happy to show you how and let you do as much as your
> little fingers allow.
> Crandall
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