ES - Highland Games

Arabella de Montacute ladyarabella at
Sat May 30 20:49:22 PDT 1998

Dearest Kate,
     He should have entered into the Thunderbuns competition!!! 
hehehehe!!  Listen I can give you directions from dallas on how to get 
to the highland games. I grew up in dallas and know it well.  I'd like 
for you and your lord husband to come play at the games with us.  I will 
also help sponsor you onto the grounds.  Can't wait to see you, we'll 
have a blast. - Arabella

>windell gibson wrote:
>> I was told yesterday that they ran out of tickets.  Is this 
>No more free tickets. The games are not that expensive. I will sponser
>you, Kate, if need be. Just leave that ugly big hulk of yours at home
>and come and have a good time.
>p.s. OTOH, you had better bring him. I am told that some of the Elfsea
>ladies think that he is cute.

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