ES - Head Coverings

Axel , Jeanmaire & Diane Remes remes at
Sun May 31 06:48:56 PDT 1998

V. Kate wrote:

>I recieved your first message, didn't you get the measure ments.  If you
>will give me a color he likes may I please make him his first?  It would
>be a great honor for me. and then you'll have the real thing.  They are
>great for not baking the top of the head and corners for wiping the
>sweat out of the eye as well as dirt.  They dirty easily and wash
>beautifully.  Wash and Wear what a gift from the powers that be.  your
>frined, V. Kate

Thanks!  I would LOVE for you to do this, since Axel sprung on me that he
wants a new fighting tabard by next weekend.  Together with weaving a squire
belt for Vivane, I'm up to my ears in fiber arts.  You are so sweet.


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