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I know this was to Sir Galen, but I would like to contribute an answer.  It
depends on your mail reader.  Basically, you need to show the headers.  Then
you will see something that looks like the stuff below.  Look for the
"From:" field.  At the end, it says "On Behalf Of" Axel , Jeanmaire & Diane
Remes [remes at] (at least when I view it I see the address in
brackets - it does not show in the quote below).

In Eudora, press the Blah, blah button.  In Outlook, double click on the
message title in the upper window.  Otherwise, read the docs on your mail
reader and get it to show headers.

Finally, select "Reply" and overtype the elfsea at Ansteorra.ORG in the "To:"
area with the address you gleaned above.

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    Really liked your list of Do's and Dont's.  (That can't be spelled
right!) Oh, well.

    One thing that has occasionally happened to me is that a thread that
started out public turned private.  Is there a way to pick out the private
address of someone who posted and send a message to just that person?  For
instance, if someone wanted to e-mail me privately, how could they get my
address from one of my postings on the List?  I think this would be useful
info for everyone.

    In Service,

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