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Sun May 31 04:01:19 PDT 1998

Richard Threlkeld wrote:
> I know this was to Sir Galen, but I would like to contribute an
> answer.  It depends on your mail reader.  Basically, you need to show
> the headers.  Then you will see something that looks like the stuff
> below.  Look for the "From:" field.  At the end, it says "On Behalf
> Of" Axel , Jeanmaire & Diane Remes [remes at] (at least when I
> view it I see the address in brackets - it does not show in the quote
> below).
> In Eudora, press the Blah, blah button.  In Outlook, double click on
> the message title in the upper window.  Otherwise, read the docs on
> your mail reader and get it to show headers.
> Finally, select "Reply" and overtype the elfsea at Ansteorra.ORG in the
> "To:" area with the address you gleaned above.
> Caelin
>      -----Original Message-----
>      From: owner-elfsea at Ansteorra.ORG
>      [mailto:owner-elfsea at Ansteorra.ORG]On Behalf Of Axel ,
>      Jeanmaire & Diane Remes
>      Sent: Sunday, May 31, 1998 8:59 AM
>      To: Elfsea Mailing List
>      Subject: ES - Private Mailings
>      Galen:
>      Really liked your list of Do's and Dont's.  (That can't be
>      spelled right!) Oh, well.
>      One thing that has occasionally happened to me is that a
>      thread that started out public turned private.  Is there a
>      way to pick out the private address of someone who posted
>      and send a message to just that person?  For instance, if
>      someone wanted to e-mail me privately, how could they get my
>      address from one of my postings on the List?  I think this
>      would be useful info for everyone.
>      In Service,
>      Jeanmaire
Caelin,  There are a few people who have a problem reading your blue
type.  I thought I'd let you know.  Hightower is one of them.  And I can
read it but it plays with my eyes.  Thanks, V. Kate  PS maybe a darker
color would work better.
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