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> V. Kate wrote, "What is a caildhi?"
> Excellency, a caildhi (pronounced Kay-lee) is an Irish party. There are
> several different spellings, as there are for all things Irish. Regardless of
> the spelling, it means the same; singing, dancing, having a good time, usually
> accompanied by
> large quantities of drink! It is usually on Saturday night at Highland Games.
> They close the gates at 9p.m., then re-open for $7-8 (?). I have always been
> too tired to stay, but there are fireworks and a great time is had by all! At
> North Texas Irish Festival (1st weekend in March. Fair Park, Dallas) it is on
> Saturday, _and_ sometimes Sunday also, at the sponsoring hotel, and is free.
> Irish Festival is my personal favorite festival; for one thing it is cooler
> (Well, this year it snowed!). If you work a three hour shift each day, you get
> in free, a tee-shirt, free parking, free drinks of your choice (This includes
> Harp beer!), a volunteer party sometime later (usually April) and this year
> they gave out Hawkwood tickets. What a deal! At Highland Games, they give
> their volunteers a tee-shirt, but you have to buy your own ticket! (Those
> canny Scots!) They are having a volunteer party Sunday night after closing
> this year.                          Hope this helps!          Mara
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The Scot's are so tight with their money.  I was adopted and my adopted
father was Scotish and it was a miracle if I could get a dime from him
as a kid.  Irish party eh?  I can go for that but we will have my
Daughter in law, 2 granddaughters but you said the party was Sunday
night?  We wont have the kids then.  I will definitly be there and am
looking forward to seeing you.  bye, V.Kate  PS what is Chrandles email?
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