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Tue Sep 1 10:54:41 PDT 1998

I would like to doubly thank Mistress Stella and Lord Daniel for coming
out to our demo.  I would also like to thank those at the college for
their help and let them know that every little bit counts.  We had several
new enthusiastic new people show up. Infact we may have two new female
fighters coming our way.   

Thank you,Thank you, Thank you!!!!

Aurelia Y.

On Fri, 28 Aug 1998, Timothy of Glastonbury wrote:

> I would very much like to thank those who came out to help with the
> Demo at UTA this Wednesday ... while we had two fighters, we had one
> of each type and as such there was no fighting going on.
> We had a moderately good response and gave out many fliers, the true
> measure of the results will be seeing who shows up this Monday at the
> meeting listed on the flier.
> Again, a special thank you to Mistress Stella Silvana and Lord Daniel
> of Cameron for coming out, ready to fight, and making the best of it
> when there was no fighting to be found ... your presence, and helm
> gauntlets and swords on the table were without a doubt a major part of
> why this demo was as successful as it was.
> Lord Timothy of Glastonbury
> Acting Minister of Arts and Sciences
> Incipient College of the Three Bridges
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