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Sharon P. vivaine at
Mon Sep 7 19:48:06 PDT 1998

Greetings Elfsea

If you have any pictures of events including members of Elfsea, please let
me know so i can post them to our on-line Elfsea photo album.

If you send them to me scanned, please make sure they are under .5 meg.
Include the date, event, and a brief description along with the names of the
individuals in the pix, and only attach ONE pix to each email.

Please make sure that the person(s) in the photos have given you permission
to have them published.

If you have pictures but have no way to get them scanned..get w/ me and i'll
help you arrange to have them scanned.


A Guestbook has now been added. It is a REALLY simple one and if you believe
more information should be included, let me know. The results are emailed
directly to me.  The purpose of the guestbook is twofold: 1) to collect
information on those who visit the site, and 2) as a recruitment tool.  If
you give the Elfsea website address out, please encourage users to fill out
the guestbook.  It does NOT require them to have an email address, just to
have web access.  If you see any errors in the guestbook, please let me
know, coz im tired again and can only see out of one eye.

Thanks and have a good week.

In service,

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