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Vivaine from Elfsea here.  I am sending this to multiple lists to make sure
i cover as much bandwidth as possible, forgive me if you receive it 3 times.

We have been discussing the possibility of having a new-fighters tournament
the Sunday of Elfsea's Defender on September 27th.

If you know anyone who would like to participate, please let me know ASAP.
The criteria is for a new fighter including the time BEFORE and AFTER
authorization, is less than ONE YEAR in all kingdoms.

We've had little interest shown in this type of tournament, but i know there
are new fighters out there.

Also, if you are a new fighter and meet the above criteria, and plan on
fighting in the Defender tourney on Saturday, please let the List Mistress
know when you sign in. We have special tokens for you to wear to identify
yourself as a new fighter.

Again, if you know of anyone interested in fighting in a New Fighter
Tourney, or you yourself are, please contact me either thru email at
vivaine at, or if you have WWW access, send me a note thru Elfsea's
Guestbook at

I can also be reached at 817.472.5275

Thanks for your time and support

Vivaine Taarnfalk
(aka Sharon Palkowetz)

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