ES - Sunday at Defender

Todd Marsh todd_marsh at
Thu Sep 10 10:56:59 PDT 1998

The Sunday morning schedule for Elfsea Defender is still tentative, 
but I think it will be:

7:30	Inspection starts
8:00	New Fighter List
9:00	Gauntlet Tourney
11:00	Court
12:00	Site closes, cleanup starts

Vivaine is organizing the New Fighter List.  Her current plan is to 
have a 1 hour bear pit.  Ask her for more details.  The Gauntlet 
Tourney is sponsored by HL Katherine de Laine from Bonwicke.  It was 
scheduled for Gothic War, but didn't happen.  She has a greatsword for 
a prize, and plans a 2 hour list.

The court will be to announce winners of the lists and the camp 


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