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My apologies to you Mistress Stella, I stand corrected - Arabella

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>From Mistress Stella-
>	Just a note to correct a statement about Defender Prizes. I did not =
>donate the knife, I believe Lord Erik donated it. I was just carrying 
it =
>	Lets put some nice prizes for our winning camp in the chest this year!
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>     It is time to start gathering items for our Defender Chest.  I 
have =
>my donation, Do you?  I will bring the chest to moot tonite for 
everyone =
>to see and to ad items to.  So far I only have ONE (other than my=20
>donation) donation. It is from Mistress Stella.  I will set up a 
>at moot for everyone to see the things donated.  (Stella donated a 
>sharp knife I will not bring it into the building, but it will stay 
>my car.) =20
>     Remember we also need gifts for the Defenders.  This will be=20
>special event, we need to have nice gifts for the winners.  Lady 
>is our prize coordinator give gifts to her or myself. =20
>Sincerely and in faithful service to Barony and Kingdom,
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