I'm better now!! - Re: ES - steward frustration!!!!!

Arabella de Montacute ladyarabella at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 10 13:52:02 PDT 1998

In the midst of HaryKary (or however you spell it, I never said I could 
spell) I had a brain storm (as apposed to a brain fart which I usually 

I'm using 20 gauge brass wire and making a pendant which looks something 
like an earring,   with a loop for a string or yarn.  Thank you for 
letting me blow steam, I'm ok now

I still need people to help me make these suckers.  I takes about 5 
minutes to make each one.  I'll give you every thing you need except a 
pencil (to wrap the wire around for the loop) and needle nose pliers.

Mistress Eowyn I wish to speak with you could you contact me please.!

Thank ya'll again - Arabella  

>From: "Arabella de Montacute" <ladyarabella at hotmail.com>
>To: elfsea at Ansteorra.ORG
>Subject: ES - steward frustration!!!!!
>Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 11:22:34 PDT
>Reply-To: elfsea at Ansteorra.ORG
>Hello all,
>     Ok I'm really frustrated, (huffing, puffing, hands of her hips, 
>stomping in a temper tantrum)!!!
>     I have two weeks until defender and I'm missing parts from the 
>tokens I wanted to do.  I'm looking for and can't find 18 gauge brass 
>wire.  I either need to find this stuff in the next 2 days or scrap 
>idea and think of something else.  I have all the beads I need, maybe I 
>need to think of another design to use with 20 gauge wire which I can 
>get a hold of.  (The pin design really needs a thicker wire than 20 
>     I thought I wanted to use 18 gauge Copper - but it's way too soft.  
>I bought some 20 guage aluminum but it left dark marks on my skin - I 
>can only imagaine what it would do to someone's clothing.  I really 
>     HELP HELP HELP I need to have hair left when this event is over.  
>Signed your frustrated Steward - Arabella
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