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Fri Sep 11 08:15:08 PDT 1998

Thursday of next week, 9/17/98, the middle eastern dancing class will be
held at Duchess Willow's house.  I will check with her weekly to
determine the location of the class and post it for your convenience. 
Classes should resume at Azalais' house following next week's class. 
(for directions...972-263-9928)

As the weather cools off it would be nice to see a renewed interest in
teaching and practicing middle eastern dancing at our Sunday fighter
practices.  It is nice for me, as a fighter,  to see more people come out to
fighter practices not just to fight.  I enjoy seeing people broken into
groups sharing information and experience in  the Arts and Sciences,
Court and Middle Eastern Dance, Heraldry and general hospitality.  This is
the best opportunity to visit with friends and welcome new comers since
we always seem to be scrambling to stick to a schedule at events.  I
believe Sunday fighter practice will now start at 2:00pm instead of
5:00pm.  (Someone correct me if I am wrong!) 

Also, we are expecting new members, but old friends, to our barony this
weekend.  Baron Drake and Baroness Kaylie are moving to Elfsea from
Bonwicke on Saturday.  Drake is a heavy and light weapons fighter,
while Kaylie prefers just light fighting.  Hopefully this will encourage
MORE light fighters to come out and play with us in Elfsea.  Please help
me welcome Drake and Kaylie and show them that life REALLY IS GOOD
in Elfsea!

Last note.....
To whom ever has contact with Eowyn, please let her know she is in my
thoughts and prayers.

Signing off.....everyone have a groovy Friday!  Hope to see you Sunday
at Randol Mill Park.


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