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Chris Harper bice at
Sat Sep 12 20:13:12 PDT 1998

        Just a word to let everyone know that Mistress Eowyn is home now so
we won't continue to call and visit the hospital.  She is trying to get her
strength back and visit with her Mother and Sister-in-law for the remainder
of their short time here.  Let's all remember that she is recovering and not
able to wear very tight clothing ( her words, but I can remember being in
that situation), so we should probably give her a few days to get her world
together. I'm sure she will let us know when she is ready for company.

        I gave her all our good wishes and offered any help we could give.
We told her to let us know anything she needed or wanted done and we would
take care of it or find someone who could.  So you might say I volunteered
the whole Barony.  Sorry bout that but it happens sometimes. Since she
doesn't have email at home I will be happy to relay any messages to her for


	Chris Harper
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