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Melinda Peet ceinwenswan at
Mon Sep 14 05:57:24 PDT 1998

>To all those who plan to attend the beadwork workshop,
>The National Weather Service is predicting a continuance of the lovely 
>much needed rain for Sunday. This means that meeting outside at Randoll
>Mill park is not a good idea. Lady Arabella has graciously volunteered 
>house for the workshop. The time of 4:30 p.m. will remain the same. If
>fighter practice gets cancelled I will go over to her house early to 
>with making tokens for Defender. 
>There have been a few who have noted their interest in attending this
>workshop, but will be unable to attend. I will make of the following, I
>will be doing a craft night for a mundane organization called the Early
>Childhood PTA on Thursday October 22 at 7:30pm. This evening will cover 
>same information as in Sunday's workshop. I will also be available on
>Sunday October 18 and 25 to do workshops. As long as there is interest, 
>am available.

Since I do not have e-mail and it was raining, I assumed that the class 
was cancelled and made other plans.  Then Arabella called and said it 
was going to be at my house.  Well, the plans had been made and I'm 
sorry that I did not attend the workshop.  Xene came over to my house 
the night before and showed me how to bead.  Even helped me with my 
Byzentine costome I'm making for Defender.

Sorry it I caused any problems.

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