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Melinda Peet ceinwenswan at
Mon Sep 14 06:14:03 PDT 1998

Greetings again, it is I, Ceinwen.

After speaking with Xene about decorations for her virgil, she expressed 
an interest in displaying any Byzentine or icon art made from local 
artisans.  So, Jovian, I know you have some wonderful artwork that you 
can display if you'd like.  

Artisans, either get with me or Tanwyn (tanwyn at so that we can 
make arrangements for your to display at Defender.

In service,

Ly. Ceinwen ferch Rhuol
(mka Melinda Peet) Cum Begnigniti Neca.
Elfsea, Ansteorra
Rising Thunder

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