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Fri Sep 18 17:05:33 PDT 1998

Greetings Reginleif,
      Great gifts, When you get to the Site please give the prizes to 
Lady Eilidh, or myself which ever you see first.  thank you for 
designating where you would like the gifts to go.  Arabella

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>Subject: Re: ES - Elfsea Defender
>Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 05:47:33 PDT
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>Okay, I'll have at least one felted pouch, I'll try to have two ready, 
>and at least 2 bottles of my Blackberry Cordial.  The Cordial will be 
>really nice bottles and I would prefer that it be given out as a prize 
>to a Defender, don't care which catagory, rather than the prize chest.  
>(It would be really nasty to have an accident in the chest and 
>everything be all blackberried!) I will bring said items to the event 
>with me.
>>From the Hospitaler's Office...
>>Eilidh asks that anyone who is interested in donating prizes for the 
>>Defender Tournament, please contact her at 817-561-0768 or reply back 
>>this email and it will get to her.  This is a really important event 
>>she has nothing to give to the new Defenders!Please contact her 
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