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James D. Logan/Jane Sitton-Logan hammer at
Tue Sep 22 05:50:27 PDT 1998

Greetings from Madeleine de Lyndesaye in rural Olney, TX, 40 mi south of
Brad Leah.

I will assume from Lady Arabella's post in which she mentions the prize
for Defender as being a hand and a half great sword (generously donated
by Honourable Lady Kathrine de Laine) that you are not in need of a hand
forged blade or etc. made by Laird Loganaich.  

As the time for the event has drawn so nigh, it would be tricky getting
an item to the event in any case, since we have yet to get a single
response from someone able or willing to transport either a prize or
Laird Loganaich to the event.  It has been my fervent wish to attend
such a grand event, or failing that, at least get the forge there.  Know
that I will be with you, my friends, in spirit, and I continue to hope
to join you in a bardic circle one day soon.


Madeleine de Lyndesaye
mka Jane Sitton-Logan
Olney, TX
hammer at
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