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Paul Mitchell Paul_Mitchell at
Tue Sep 22 03:15:51 PDT 1998

Galen here!

>Greetings from Madeleine de Lyndesaye in rural Olney, TX, 40 mi south of
>Brad Leah.
>I will assume from Lady Arabella's post in which she mentions the prize
>for Defender as being a hand and a half great sword (generously donated
>by Honourable Lady Kathrine de Laine) that you are not in need of a hand
>forged blade or etc. made by Laird Loganaich.  

Please don't assume that!  The hand-and-a-half sword previously mentioned
is the prize for a competition called the "Gauntlet", to be held on 
morning, independent of the actual Elfsea Defender competition.  The 
Gauntlet is a fighting activity that has been postponed from Gothic War
to Elfsea Defender, and the organizer and the prize are coming from 
Bonwicke.  I believe they're still looking for a prize for the Defender
of Elfsea.

>As the time for the event has drawn so nigh, it would be tricky getting
>an item to the event in any case, since we have yet to get a single
>response from someone able or willing to transport either a prize or
>Laird Loganaich to the event.  It has been my fervent wish to attend
>such a grand event, or failing that, at least get the forge there.  Know
>that I will be with you, my friends, in spirit, and I continue to hope
>to join you in a bardic circle one day soon.

I wish I had the means to offer you a lift.  Have you inquired on the
Central Region or Ansteorra lists?  Perhaps someone coming down from
the North might be able to give you a ride.

>Madeleine de Lyndesaye
>mka Jane Sitton-Logan
>Olney, TX
>hammer at

- Galen
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