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Sharon R. Saroff sindara at
Thu Sep 24 19:40:22 PDT 1998

I have some nice beads I can donate for the prize chest. I can try to make
a necklace, but since it is so late I would rather say that the winner can
come to me and I will do a custom made item.

Now, I have misplaced my scroll and need directions to the site. Could
someone assist me?


At 05:47 AM 9/18/98 PDT, you wrote:
>Okay, I'll have at least one felted pouch, I'll try to have two ready, 
>and at least 2 bottles of my Blackberry Cordial.  The Cordial will be in 
>really nice bottles and I would prefer that it be given out as a prize 
>to a Defender, don't care which catagory, rather than the prize chest.  
>(It would be really nasty to have an accident in the chest and 
>everything be all blackberried!) I will bring said items to the event 
>with me.
>>From the Hospitaler's Office...
>>Eilidh asks that anyone who is interested in donating prizes for the 
>>Defender Tournament, please contact her at 817-561-0768 or reply back 
>>this email and it will get to her.  This is a really important event 
>>she has nothing to give to the new Defenders!Please contact her 
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