ES - Battle of Three Kings

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Sun Sep 27 20:19:04 PDT 1998

I apologize to those of you who recieve this posting multiple times.

On the morning of November 14th with Bagpipes and drums playing in the
background two armies will meet, fight and decide the fate of their
people and those of generations to come.

Come join Robert the Bruce (His Majesty Sir Barn Silveraxe)

William Wallace (Duke Michael of Monmouthshire)

Edward I (Sir Karl der Gangr)

Edward II ( Sir Rietter Dietrich) 

This year we are recreating the Scottish war of Independence with our
famous port a castle. We will filed battles, bridge battles, castle
battles, and other interesting and fun fighting scenarios. All fighting
scenarios will have combat archery and all castle scenarios will allow
siege weapons.

Yes, you read correctly during at least the first battle Pipers,
drummers, and other muscians will give you music to fight bye.

We will have chivalric melee scenarios, Combat archery, siege weapons,
target archey, knife, axe, and spear throw,A&S competition,bardic &
performance competition and children's activities.

Each activity is worth one war point. The king with the most war points
will win the day and have his own court that evening.

Come have some fun! I will be making weekly postings about the fun we
shall have!

After a day of fun we shall have a bountiful feast!
If you are a Piper, drummer, or muscian who would like to play please
email me.
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