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Order of the Shite Scarf???


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These Are the awards and Honors given at Elfsea Defender.

Report of awards and honors

Llywellen Gruffydd - Order of the Shite Scarf
Xene Therianos  -       Laurel
Anastacia Maria Travarra - Pelican
Karl Der Gangr - Pelican
Feargus McKenna - Kings Archer
Aoife ingen Aoibeann - AoA
Angus of Sterling - AoA
Lavina Del Bakhous - AoA
Francesca Vespuci - AoA
Polydore Pike - Thistle - Brewing & Vinting
Asa RagnarsDottir - AoA
Antigonous Bearbait - AoA
Valentyn Drake - Thistle - Magic
Valentyn Drake - Thistle - Juggling
Raimond George de Mora - Motley Sash
Dingh Na Mara - Comet - Dun Loch Ruadh
Alice De Laro - Thistle - Period Music
Darius of the Bells - Thistle - Drawing
Allasandra Beatrice Desiderio - Iris
Galen of Bristol - Iris
Dana Mac an Ghabhann - Court Barony

Two other Pelicans were anounced to be elevated at Steppes Twelfth Night

The new Defenders of Elfsea are as follows: Sir Dafydd Whiticar, Don
Donald Armstrong, and Ld Corwin Mac Eogan.

Also given the Portcullis of Elfsea  (Non-Armigerous Baronial Service
Conor Na Mara
Phillip White
Erik Muskatora
Cienwen ferch Rhuol
Nina Natasha
Randal Hawkwood
David Cade

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