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Mon Sep 28 20:06:19 PDT 1998

Greetings from Madeleine de Lyndesaye in rural Olney, TX, 40 mi south of
Brah Leah.

Don and Monica wrote:
> These Are the awards and Honors given at Elfsea Defender.
> Report of awards and honors
> Llywellen Gruffydd - Order of the Shite Scarf

I guess it beats corn husks!

I needed a good laugh.  Thank you.  Tomorrow, I have an ultrasound to
try and discover why I am having chronic abdominal pain in the lower
left quadrant.  While I am trying to maintain my composure (and bladder
control after drinking 64 oz of liquid), I will try NOT to think of this


mka Jane Sitton-Logan
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