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Kaitlyn asked:

Anyone know the results from activities on Sunday of Elfsea?  How did
everyone like the culture camps?

On Sunday,  the Gauntlet Tournament was won by Alaric Drake.  He then 
presented the beautiful sword to Corbin, for his excellence and chivalry 
shown on the field.  I did not catch the winner's name from the newcomers' 
chivalric list.

The Burgundian Camp was declared the winner of the Culture Camp competition 
and the big mucking chest full of stuff was presented to Sir Pendaran and 
Mistress Ariella.

The Norse Camp was beautiful, with the Viking tents, the table, the haunch 
of ham roasting over the cook fire, the banners flying overhead with 
pictures of longships; the men working, drinking, carving stones, and 
telling tall tales; the women gossiping, spinning wool, knitting, and 
nursing tow-headed babies.

The Celtic Camp was guarded by picts dressed in loin-cloth and woad.  The 
food was good, a nubile young lady sang songs of the faery people, banners 
with intertwined horses and dogs fluttered in the breeze. It would have 
been easy to stay there in the magic time forever, lost in the land of the 

In the Burgundian camp, the landed gentry who sponsored the vinyards led us 
on a journey through their lands by way of all our senses.  The Cantigas de 
Santa Maria played in the background, a white dove cooed softly from her 
perch.  The port wine smelled of summers rich in grapes, and the escargot 
in butter left one with remembrances of the bounty of the sea.  The 
centerpiece of silver platters and goblets heaped high upon each other with 
bunches of green and red grapes tempted the eye as well as the palate.

The mosaic candleholders took the fire, gave it colors, and threw it 
against the harmony of the gilded banners hanging from the pavilions.  A 
bed, luxurious in its furs, beckoned to all.  The people gathered to share 
the beauty, and to be with one another in a magical place.

We were transported to a different place and time at each camp.  That is 
what the culture camps are supposed to do.
The people who put on the camps are a different kind of hero.  And they do 
it, because .....that's what heroes do.

Thank you, all,

Xene Therianos, Baroness of Elfsea
A most humble member of the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Laurel

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