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At 02:14 PM 9/29/98 PDT, you wrote:
>>From my records, in a release to publish art work, she herself spelled 
>it - Hrafnasdotter - f instead of s - e instead of i -  now what do we 
>do????? - Arabella
OK, I went to the horses mouth on this one and just got off the phone.  We
are both right and wrong.  It should be Asa Hrafnasdottir.  We will correct
it in our Canton records and I assume you can do the same.  Boy it sure
would be easier if we were all Dick and Jane types, huh?


>>>Asa RagnarsDottir - AoA
> It is Hrasnasdottir.  Also, Dingh Na Mara should =
>>Dighe na Mara.
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