ES - Early Goodbye

Remes, Axel Remes at
Wed Sep 30 05:53:11 PDT 1998

Almar, I have thoroughly enjoyed fighting with you, with you gone who is
going to help me learn to defend myself from right side off body shots.
I will miss you...If you need to find someone in the Middle to help
break the ice look up my old friend Master Lothar von Drachenstein
(proprietor of Drachenstein Treasures and the new Baron of the Flame),
he and his household get around in the middle quite a lot. (Also expect
the middle to be significantly different than Ansteorra)

Ciao till Pennsic

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From: Almar Bjarnklo [mailto:almar_b at]
Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 1998 8:26 PM
To: elfsea at Ansteorra.ORG
Subject: ES - Early Goodbye

Unto the good people of Elfsea:
  We are leaving in a couple days for the Midrealm.  I will not be able 
to fight tomarrow night, so I better get it done.
  It is with a very sad heart that we are leaving.  there have been a 
couple missed oportunities but all in all we are needed in Michigan.  We

may be back but We are not sure right now.  I have been here for over 10

years now and will miss ya'll very much.  I will be in touch.  Our email

will still be active, just off line for a while.
  So to all our friends, Keep the faith and Good bye.
     Almar Bjarnklo and Tatyana Kaminski
     Don Wilkinson and Merideth Beale

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