ES - Early Goodbye

Paul Mitchell Paul_Mitchell at
Wed Sep 30 02:55:22 PDT 1998

>Unto the good people of Elfsea:
>  We are leaving in a couple days for the Midrealm.  I will not be able 
>to fight tomarrow night, so I better get it done.
>  It is with a very sad heart that we are leaving.  there have been a 
>couple missed oportunities but all in all we are needed in Michigan.  We 
>may be back but We are not sure right now.  I have been here for over 10 
>years now and will miss ya'll very much.  I will be in touch.  Our email 
>will still be active, just off line for a while.
>  So to all our friends, Keep the faith and Good bye.
>     Almar Bjarnklo and Tatyana Kaminski
>     Don Wilkinson and Merideth Beale

What?!  This seems so sudden!  Leaving like permanently?
Did I know about this?

Take care, good luck, keep in touch!

- Galen of Bristol
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