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 My good Lords and Ladys of the rapier community,
 I wish to invite you all once again to Bryn Gwlad (Austin Texas) for our
Baronial Faire Rapier Tourney.
 It shall be a set of 3 shipboard scenarios. Two are melees and one is a one
on one bout. Each round shall have a point value for living and other things.
This is NOT a judged Tourney. If there is a tie at the end of the 3 rounds
then there will be a single elimination tourney after to choose the winner.
  The rounds are:
 1 board and repell boarders (melee)
 2 escape the burning ship (single bout)
 3 everyone loves a good mutiny (melee)
 So come and have a good time and win neat stuff.
 the date is Oct 2-4
 look in your Blackstar or call the stewards for more info and directions
 HL Jonathan ap Morgan
 Mistress Meadhbh      meadhbh at
 Thank you one and all I hope to see everyone there.
 Ld Piet Rausch
 Rapier Champion of Bryn Gwlad >>
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