ES - If you liked Warwick, you'll love Douglas!

Paul Mitchell Paul_Mitchell at
Wed Sep 30 11:48:27 PDT 1998


Did you fight with the Earl of Warwick at Gothic War?  Have
you heard the tales and _wish_ you'd been in Warwick's band?

Then take another chance to play that game!  The Scottish
Civil Wars of the late 13th and early 14th century are the
subject of the upcoming Battle of Three Kings.  Sir Karl
der Kanger will be Edward I, Ritter Dietrich will be
Edward II, Sir Barn Silveraxe will play Robert the Bruce,
and Duke Mikael will be William Wallace.

Like Warwick a century later (or a few weeks earlier, 
depending on your point of view), The Earl of Douglas,
Sir James the Good, fought on both sides, largely for
his own gain at first.  

So let's do it again!  We won't drive as far, and we
won't break up the unit before it's over.  But we'll
fight fiercely, and bargain for advantage, cover our-
selves in glory, and inspire even _more_ bards than
last time!  What do you say?

- Galen of Bristol
aka Sir James, "the Good Douglas", 1st Earl of Douglas
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