[Elfsea] re: new siege rules

M. Peet ceinwenswan at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 1 12:12:54 PDT 2001


Wolf and I made all of Glaslyn's bolts for this past Gulf War.  We did tie
them all with cord.  Bjorn is correct, it is extremely time consuming.  As
far as checking the bolts, you can feel the bump of the cords through the
duct tape.

In service,
Melinda Peet
aka: H.Ly. Ceinwen ferch Rhuel
In God I Trust
Allessandre wrote:>

>OK.  I'll bite... How are they going to check how they are held on, since
>they are wrapped in so much *#F(&^ duct tape.
Bjorn wrote:>
>>You are half correct.  We started making the bolts to
>>the new specifications, but after completing about 75,
>>we decided this was taking way way way too long and we
>>opted to finshe the rest under the old rules and hope
>>the BoD had enough sense not to pass the new rules.
>>Unfortunately, they did pass them.
>>Our bolts fail in that they are not tied with "cord".
>>that's all.  unfortunately to make this modification
>>we may have to disassemble the heads of the bolts(not
>>a good thing).

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