[Elfsea] re: new siege rules

Phelippe Descors descors at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 1 12:59:38 PDT 2001

Sense we're discussing the bolts, don't we need to go throught all of them
and see which ones are beyond repair and which ones need to be cannibalized
to make new ones anyway?  I was thinking that we have 3 teams, one to
disassemble what needs to be and weed out the totally bad ones, another with
dremils and small drills to make the holes on the ones that need them and a
3rd group to assemble and tape them back together.  I can possibly provide
2-3 dremils with bits if they are needed.  Also sense they need to be tied
together, did we end up getting a spool or so through Armand?  And if so
could we get some more from him if we need it?

As far as making the modifications to the ballistas' themselves I'll finish
my drawings and post them on my webspace so all of you knowledgeable in
woodworking can determin if it will work or not and whether it would be
worth the trouble to make the changes.  My main concern is the box
shattering when being fired, not a pretty sight folks.


>You are half correct.  We started making the bolts to
>the new specifications, but after completing about 75,
>we decided this was taking way way way too long and we
>opted to finshe the rest under the old rules and hope
>the BoD had enough sense not to pass the new rules.
>Unfortunately, they did pass them.
>Our bolts fail in that they are not tied with "cord".
>that's all.  unfortunately to make this modification
>we may have to disassemble the heads of the bolts(not
>a good thing).
>As far as converting our old bungees, making a tortion
>hole carrier is not all that hard a thing to do.  I'm
>looking forward to seeing your ideas.  It's always
>good to have multiple people working to solve the same
>issue, inevitably ideas come out that have been
>overlooked by someone.

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